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VE-BEVS Insect Cell Lines

Improved protein expression from the baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) utilizing ParaTechs’ Vankyrin-enhanced Sf9 insect cells.

VE-BEVS Transfer Vectors

Enhanced recombinant protein production in insect cells when utilizing ParaTechs’ VE-transfer vectors. Recombinant protein production is further enhanced when used in combination with VE-insect cells.

VE-BEVS Cell Line Instructions

VE-BEVS Transfer Vector Instructions

VE-BEVS Cell Line FAQs

VE-BEVS Licensing


Contract service for introducing the vankyrin gene into a custom insect cell line is available upon request.
Contract service for recombinant virus construction is available upon request.
Patent information:
VE-BEVS Cell Line United States Patent 7,842,493 [PDF]

VE-BEVS Transfer Vector United States Patent 7,629,160 [PDF]

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